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Why " Green Energy Filters" In Your Walk-In Coolers?

  • 1)Saves up to 20% on utility bills
  • 2)Reduces maintenance costs on equipment
  • 3)Virtually eliminates odor and pollution
  • 4)Extends peak freshness of meats, dairy, and produce
  • 5)Dramatically reduces "icing" on walls and floor
  • 6)Environmentally friendly due to use of natural recyclable material.

Environmentally Friendly

Green Energy Filters is a humidity control filter which uses about two pounds of a natural, recyclable mineral to absorb and release moisture when the relative humidity varies from the optimum level of about 85%. The panel is passive, uses no power and has no adverse effect on the air.

Keeping the relative humidity always near the optimum point will make your refrigeration equipment more efficient and effective. It will save you money through longer preservation of foods, lower consumption of energy and decreased maintenance needs.

Reduces Condensation

The specially designed filter keeps floors, walls, ceilings, and storage racks dry and free of rust and mildew. Panels are placed above the door to absorb the moist air as it enters. Filters are also placed by the cooling coils to absorb excess moisture before it becomes frost or ice.

The filters help even what may appear to be low humidity conditions. The cooler the air, the less moisture it will hold. Thirty grains of water in one pound of air will have 20% relative humidity at 80˚, 31% Rh at 65˚ and 100% Rh at 35˚. Air which is dry at room temperature will have excess moisture when cooled.

Extends Shelf Life

By reducing temperature and humidity fluctuations and maintaining the optimal humidity level, the panel extends the shelf life of perishables by at least 50% usually by much more. Vegetables will remain fresh, and crisp and meats will retain their juices, thus reducing spoilage and weight loss and preserving the food safely and naturally. You will have more and better-looking food to sell.

Eliminates Odors

Odors are carried in the moisture of the air. The filter scrubs these odors by capturing them in the filter. This greatly reduces the problem of cross contamination. Even pungent foods such as fish and onions will keep to themselves.

Improves Food Quality

Controlled moisture level is a primary factor in the preservation of foods. If the humidity is controlled through the entire cycle from the harvesting of the food through its processing, distribution, transportation and storage, waste, spoilage, and shrinkage will be dramatically reduced. Food will then have the appearance, aroma, flavor and texture you desire to produce the final results that will satisfy your customers.

Reduces Maintenance Costs 

Because your equipment does not have to work as hard or run as long, there will be less downtime and repairs needed. Maintaining clean and sanitary conditions will not be as great a burden due to the control of moisture and odors. Improved work safety conditions should lead to fewer accidents.

Cuts Energy Costs

The filter virtually eliminates frost and ice from the coils and fins. Without this form of insulation, your equipment can remove heat quicker and operate at a lower temperature. The wide swings in temperature and humidity will be reduced, and your cooler will be able to recover faster. The defrost cycle can be shortened or eliminated so you need not warm then recool you refrigerator as ofter.


The boxes are dryer and colder all the time. We are
in and out all the time. Makes a big difference,
7 to 8 degrees colder. I like the way it works.

- Kentucky Fried Chicken owner Less

I didn’t believe the results of the trial so I had the
filters removed. The odor returned within
hours, so I had the filters put back the next day.

- The Aria Hotel Las Vegas Shabboo Restaurant Executive Chef Drew Trep

Results have been consistently colder temperatures with reduced wetness on ceiling, walls and floors and elimination of odors.

- Vicente Grocery Store Brentwood GM Robert Inadomi

My coolers are dryer and colder with no odors. I love it.

- The Tavern restaurant Executive Chef Ben Cohen

The truck seems to get cold faster in the morning and stays cold between stops. The food we deliver at the end of the day is in better shape. The panels keep the truck much dryer so they clean up with less hassle. Thank You.

- Jim – Truck Driver, S.E. Rykoff

Oder was elimanated, excess condensation disappeared.

- Deanna Nakamura, R.D. – Director Of Nutritional Services, Castle Medical Center

Took the garlic smell right out, eats it right up.

- Sam Stevens – Owner, Rimfire Imports (Importer Of Speacialty Foods)

I can now put hot stuff from the stove to the cooler and not worry about the smell  and steam. I know I am not supposed to do that, but now I can and it makes my job easier.

- Janulta Hokoana-School Cafeteria Operator, Hawaii

My raw meat now lasts much longer, about a week and a half longer, with less loss of blood. This means it looks better and has less weight losss.

- Scott Noborikawa – Food and Beverage Manager, Castle and Cook Retail (Dole Foodcourt)

Fridgerite “…has been authorized to install their humidity control system in all 7-Eleven stores….results have been consistently colder temperatures with no wet ceilings, walls or floors and the complete elemination of oders…”

- Pauahl Akuna – Development Department, Memo To All Hawaii 7-Eleven Stores

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